We lay together, coming back down, my hand on his chest and our legs intertwined. I whispered “I love how full I feel after we have sex. My pussy feels full, my happy feels full, my love feels full… Like a big, ripe blueberry. Bursting with juiciness.”
He chuckled at my descriptors and squeezed my hand before floating off to sleep.
It’s incredible… Relationships are truly magical, if you let them be. The container that facilitates real growth, two people (or sometimes more) holding up mirrors. We can choose to take a look and give our face a wash or not… It is nice to have a loving hand helping us through the darkness, we don’t have to go it alone all the time. The things you’ll find along the way… Totally worth it!
Having been a single mom for many years, I learned how to be self sufficient and independant. I got this. I got everything. Just me. And that’s how I’ve made life work, by handling it.
David Deida has a very interesting point about this, how this would be considered a very masculine quality. There’s only room for 100%, if you do 90 that only leaves your partner space to do 10… And I know, trusting that someone else has got it covered isn’t always the most comfortable place, but it gets easier. Give up the reigns a little, allow yourself to be taken care of without second guessing. Give them a chance to step it up!
So currently, I’m practicing letting go, softening and letting him handle it. Sometimes I need reminders. I step a little more into my feminine and he steps a little more into his masculine… I love it! The more secure space I give, the more he reaches out to me which in turn makes me feel desired and more secure. It’s brilliant!

Love ♡

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