I often wonder why I don’t get approached randomly… Well today, as I was getting off the skytrain from a toy shopping adventure, this guy on the train approached me and struck up conversation. He asked about my tattoos and whether I found it difficult to find work in Canada with them and then asked about what I did for work. We stood and chatted in the street for a few minutes and then went our seperate ways… Just as I turned to walk away he asked if he could have my phone number, I smiled and shook my head no.

Thanks random guy, I have a perma smile on my face! As much as I wonder if this clear bag of sex toys may have had something to do with it, I’m still incredibly flattered.

It takes real courage to approach someone you find attractive… Especially a total stranger on the skytrain. I wish more people had this courage in Canada (This guy was from Mexico)… Or maybe its just me?

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