My Approach


In my unique coaching style, I use foundations from the Somatica Method as well as a multitude of other practices I've learned along the way, including but not limited to, tantra, non violent communication and clinical sexology.

With these foundations and real time experience, I help you integrate these principles into your life and relationships :Embodiment, empathy, communication, attachment & individuation, desire & arousal, integrity and clear boundaries.

When these things are alive and well in us, our relationships can grow and get stronger. If you look at a relationship as a living thing, the above attributes are the food it needs to survive.

You and I will work together on an experiential level to deepen your skills, awareness and capacity to attract, move towards and to be in more fulfilling relationships.

*Although touch can be a part of many sessions, I have a clear set of boundaries for all sessions which include staying clothed at all times, no kissing and no genital stimulation. 


I work with all kinds of female centric concerns and I will approach our sessions with an open mind, presence and a ton of empathy.

Some of the most common concerns for women are low sexual desire, body dysphoria, lack of orgasms (ever or recently), learning new effective communication skills, sexual inhibition, trauma, learning dating skills and an overall desire for enhanced pleasure.




When I see couples, I always let them know that I'd like to see them together as well as separately, throughout the course of our work together.

The most common concerns that come up for couples are little or no sex in the relationship, conflicts around desire (one wants it all the time and the other rarely wants it, as an example), communication/negotiation skills and performance skills.

If there's something you're struggling with that isn't on this list, please, by all means get in touch with me.



Men endure a lot of pressure in our society, largely around not being truly allowed to have and express the full range of emotions that we humans are capable of, and to be the fixers and providers of the world. I hold a space for you to experience all that you need to and for all that comes up in our sessions together.

The most common concerns for coaching men are low or no desire, early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, sexual inhibition, communication skills, body dysphoria, learning dating skills and an overall desire for enhanced pleasure.

Want More?

If you're interested in booking a session or can't find all the answers to your questions, I'd love to hear from you!