To the Edge and Back

I’ve been feeling so edgey lately!
Cranky and snarky and sensitive… And… Jealous! I realized today I have been feeling jealous and since I hadn’t been admitting it to myself or anyone else, I’ve been a tight little ball of confused anger. When it all finally came to a head, it just popped out of my mouth “Maybe I’m feeling… Jealous…”. My face got hot and the tears came almost exactly at that moment. That confirmed it, I touched the shame button labelled “feelings” and down came the rain.
My partner looked down and sighed “Oh… I hadn’t even considered that…”. Softness ensued.

It’s that beautiful moment where two people finally hear eachother and get a glimpse of whats been going on beneath the surface. Its also the moment where couples become even closer because they’ve shared true nakedness (read: vulnerability) with eachother.

True intimacy is sweaty. And not just the sexy kind of sweaty… The gritty, shame releasing, full body flush, limbic response kind of sweaty.

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