Did you know that Amma (the hugging saint) blessed me and gifted me the name Niseema? In Sanskrit, Niseema means “One with Unbound Love”. When she named me, I felt a shift happen. All judgements and projections were gone, all I saw was beauty and love in every person who crossed my path. This blissful, altered, yet pure state lasted about 12 hours. It felt like someone slipped me the purest ecstacy I had ever encountered.. Except it was truly experience induced. That was such a special weekend, nothing like it. 

Currently, I’m feeling so full of love, so sparkly and bright and light… Like I’m receiving another experience that will imprint on my history. It is indeed contact with pure love. Void of judgement, unconditional, shameless love.

I’m in Whistler learning Lomi Lomi this weekend. Lomi is so much more than just a different way of massage… Such beauty, I’m in love. Channeling love, being love, recieving love. I am love. You are love.

Ho’oponopono ♡

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