Testimonials help potential clients feel a bit more confident in choosing the right helper. Everything written here is shared with explicit permission from the person who wrote it, if you would like to share some of your own experience, please send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!

"Having Niseema as an ally and a resource is something I am truly grateful for.  She has altered the landscape of my relationship with not only my partner, but myself as well.Each time I have come to her in a bundle of chaos and frustration, she has met me with warmth, and sent me on my way with new perspective and meaning, which I have used to transform my reality.   I highly recommend her service."

 CT, Powell River, BC
"I am so grateful to have found Niseema.  She is a sensitive and flexible coach who can meet you where you are at and take you beyond your wildest dreams!  In just a few sessions, Niseema helped me make a powerful shift in my relationship with my body and my sensuality by feeding my nervous system new messages and helping me recognize my true boundaries and desires as a woman.  With Niseema’s help, my partner and I are now working to co-create a new paradigm for a relationship where we can be 100% present with each other, really listen to each other, and have more fun and connection than we’ve had in years!"
ZW, Relationship Coach and Sound Healer

"I have partaken in both private and group sessions lead by Niseema. I
particularly enjoyed the women’s Sensual Sundays where a welcoming,
comfortable, relaxed and tasty environment was offered. I greatly
appreciated Niseema’s peer approach which helped to set the tone of the sessions. The connections with other women, the deep sharing and powerful personal work I obtained far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend group sessions with Niseema as a valuable opportunity for self-discovery through sharing with others."

E, Powell River, BC

"Niseema has taught my partner tools to use for repairing and resolving conflicts. Thanks to Niseema, we are able to help each other break out of our old harmful patterns, so that we can love and support each other more."

AF, Powell River, BC

"From our very first session, I was very excited and optimistic about working with Niseema. I felt quite comfortable opening up to her, and to my happy amazement I felt that she really understood me immediately. Through Niseema's encouragement and support over several sessions I was able to largely overcome the sexual shame that had been instilled in me during my childhood and adolescence. This had been my greatest obstacle in having satisfying sexual relationships.
As a man, I found the experiential aspects of working with Niseema also helped me a lot. The “animal exercise” in particular provided a fun way to purposefully connect and generate erotic energy – a breakthrough for me. I liked the way this exercise helped me push boundaries, and I found the experience really fun and productive.
After years of stress and anxiety in my life about sex and relationships, it is such a relief to have worked through these issues with Niseema's help. Today I’m much more confident and fulfilled in my sexuality and in my relationships."


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