My Approach

If you could bring more pleasure into your life, would you?

For some, this is a loaded question.

Here's the thing about pleasure, when a person is in survival brain, it can often mean that any consideration for pleasure is diminished. Pleasure becomes the last priority when we are in survival mode, often buried beneath our instinctual pursuit of self-preservation. Getting stuck in a state of survival can also mean we do not see all of the choice we have available to us, akin to wearing blinders in our day-to-day. On the other hand, making choices based solely on pleasure may create difficulty in keeping one's basic needs met. Finding balance is key.

Bringing more pleasure into your life is not just about sex and orgasms, although, that can be a pretty incredible part! The way that I approach this work, is from a place of pleasure. And to me, pleasure shows up in many different ways. It's allowing ourselves to be embodied enough to feel and express, whether that is joy, sadness, grief, arousal, disgust, shame, fear, anger, or juiciness. The more embodied we can be, the more pleasure we can tap into.

Having an amazing sex life is not simply about having orgasms every time, knowing all the right “techniques”, having the most ideal body, or having the biggest, hardest penis or the wettest pussy. It also doesn't necessarily mean being in a relationship or even having a lover.

One of the biggest parts of having an incredible sex life is knowing what you want to feel in each experience and understanding how to get there. In other words, knowing what flavor of pleasure you want and learning the recipe to get you there.     

A favorite quote of mine from Gestalt Therapy, “A whole is more than the sum of its parts”, reminds me of why I believe that a holistic approach is key- Feeling unfulfilled in your sex life or relationship is where we often begin, however, our sexuality and relationships are typically informed by our earlier life experiences, making a holistic approach the most effective in getting you what you want, in your relationships, sexuality, and life in general. 

I mainly use techniques from Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, and The Somatica Method, these modalities are rooted in mindfulness, experiential practice, and bridging the body-mind connection.


*** I am sex work positive, sex-positive, and trauma informed.


*Although touch can be a part of sessions, it is never required in order to work together. I have a clear set of boundaries for all sessions which include staying clothed at all times, no kissing and no genital touch or stimulation. We will always discuss any touch before it happens, your no is as exciting and welcome as your yes.  

My Experience

If you are curious about my background, here are my current credentials:


Diploma of Professional Counselling with a specialization in Relationships and Intimacy

 Vancouver College of Counsellor Training, 2018-2019


Gestalt Therapy- Level 1

GATLA European Residential Training, 2019


Somatica Method- Levels 1 & 2, 2014-2018


Advanced Certificate in Professional Sex Coaching & Sexology, 2015-2017


Trauma Sensitive Yoga, January 2019

Weekend into workshop on the effects of trauma and how to work with people who have trauma.


Intro to Somatic Experiencing with Peter Levine, April 2019

Weekend workshop learning about the effects of trauma on the body and nervous system and how to process trauma through a somatic lens.


Bodywork, Massage & Mind Body Integration, February-June 2014

Bodywork and massage diploma program teaching the fundamentals of touch and body mind connection.


I also have interest and limited amounts of training in Clinical Art Therapy, Gestalt Therapy style dreamwork and Family of Origin Therapy.

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