My mentors have this saying, “All roads lead to Rome” and it couldn’t be any closer to the truth!

When I talk about sexuality and relationships, I’m talking about everything- It truly extends to all areas of our lives. When I say “relationship”, it means the romantic types of relationships as well as  the more platonic and family type relationships. It’s how we show up in these places that matter.

Sexuality is, of course, a huge part of being in relationship; our sexuality is shaped by each relationship we’ve had throughout our entire, unique existence. You and I will work together on an experiential level to deepen your skills, awareness and capacity to attract, move towards and to be in more fulfilling relationships- And to bring the juicy back into your life!

Some clients come to me because they’re experiencing some sort of sexual or relationship break down and its blocking their pleasure potential or full expression. Others come see me because their confidence, knowledge and/or skills for dating, sex, relationships or communication needs a boost.  And some come to see me because they just have this feeling that there could be more available to them, but they aren’t sure how to find it.

You want to embrace more pleasure in your life and I want to help you get it!

I welcome singles, couples (I recommend you come together and separately) and everything in between. I also happily welcome people of all genders, cultural backgrounds and sexual preferences.



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